Sustainable Design Workshop 


24th March 2011

C-Tech Innovation, in partnership with Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network and Chemicals Northwest, invite you to participate in an exciting facilitated workshop. As pressures from consumers and legislation continue to intensify, sustainability has become a key market driver for innovation, and a genuine opportunity for all kinds of businesses. Importantly, sustainability is about helping you to achieve financial and technical targets while reducing environmental impact; it’s about still being in business in 10-20 years’ time!

Learn about:

• the drivers, opportunities and benefits of sustainable design strategies within chemistry-using businesses

• how innovative sustainable design can be applied to your business, and the tools and resources available to help achieve this

Although the themes and ideas will be applicable across all sectors, for this particular workshop the strategies,processes and examples will be broadly based within the chemistry-using industries.

Registration Fees

Ticket price is £99 including VAT. Delegates will receive (on the day) a free copy of Chemistry Innovation’s Sustainable Design Guide, which currently retails for £59. (See

There will be a 10% discount for members of Chemicals Northwest.   

Venue and full address: Chemicals Northwest. The Heath Conference Centre, Runcorn. Cheshire WA7 4QX

Limited places are available - reserve yours now through:

Event Flyer: sdw-march2011-flyer.pdf
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