For the North West's chemical sector to remain competitive it is essential that we equip our current and future workforce with 21st century skills. Chemicals Northwest influences programmes from primary schools through to workplace training to ensure this high level of expertise is met and qualified people are supported through their education and careers.


Skills & Training Provision

Chemicals Northwest believes that the delivery of vocational and workplace training is the role of Cogent and National Skills Academy for the Process Industries. We work closely with both organisations to ensure that national and regional skills strategies and initiatives reflect the needs of our industry and their impact in the NW is maximised.

We also host the North West Chemskills Group − a network of over 40 companies represented by HR or Training Managers who come together with NSAPI and Chemicals Northwest to: 

  • share good practice and information.
  • share resources.
  • discuss issues and problems.
  • help shape the provision of training and development in the region.
  • act as a ‘test bed’ for proposed new qualifications / products.

To join the NW Chemskills Group, contact Roger Langford, Account Director, NSAPI.